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Journey #1

Rez major push, specifically for someone who is willing and ready to make a huge change in their relationship/life and need support, inspiration, accountability and a huge caring push to meet a major goal. 4 sessions a month 1 hour per session.

Journey #2

Passionate Journey- for someone who wants to concentrate on growth, feel supported, Optimistic, set innovative goals and persist to build energy. 3 sessions per month 45 min per session.

Journey #3

Balanced Journey – Compassionate coaching for checking in and remaining on a balanced track. 2 sessions a month 30 minutes per session.


  • Feeling alone with no one to talk too or trust?
  • Taking care of/worrying about everyone else and not taking time for self-care?
  • Keeping busy, always doing something, rarely have quiet moments?
  • Rarely asking for help on an everyday basis; always doing it yourself, don’t want people In your business?
  • Almost always Holding your emotions in not expressing how you feel?
  • Always tired, emotionally, physically, psychologically on a consistent basis?