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“No one knows you better than yourself” -Rez Bey

Professional Life

Tyrezzy Bey is the author of Messages from my Inner Self and owner of Journey Begins LLC in which she coaches individuals and help transform their lives. She attended Academy of Creative Coaching to receive her coaching certification in relationship and spiritual coaching to help her with her approach to better serve people. She also is the founder of Sisters Coming Together where she bring woman together to lend mutual support on their journey to self healing, share life experiences, encourage one another while pulling back from everyday life, relaxing, and having fun in the company of Sisters.

Personal Life

I created two beautiful daughters and I’m as patient as a seed planted in the dirt waiting to push up and blossom into a beautiful flower. Nature is my go to place for peace, creativity, and healing. My passion for helping humans outweighs any pain I’ve experienced on earth. My purpose is to help people connect with their higher self (best self) I love looking within each individual because it’s the place where their stories are held, I honor each story and know every story serves a purpose which allows me not to judge. I love tea, poetry and meditation along with a positive quote. I’m an inspiration to others and people connect with me when they are looking for all the beautiful things that are disappearing from our world such as unconditional love, trust, truth, peace, respect, unity etc.

“When you focus on the positive things it brings out the best in you” – Rez Bey